Ny og mere sikker server til din Tv boks

Kære Orbit kunde
Vi skifter url og server. Vi bliver derfor nødt til at bede dig skifte url i din boks.
Vi beder dig kigge på en af følgende videoguides for, at du selv kan skifte din url. Din nye url vil du modtage på mail, med emnet url.

Hvilken video passer til din boks ? Se under boksen på labelen
Starter din macadresse med 00:1a:79: skal du se Mag url
Starter den med AA:15:00 skal du se ML url

New and more secure server for your TV box

Dear Orbit customer
We change the url and server. We therefore need to ask you to change the url in your box
We ask you to take a look at one of the following video guides for you to change your url. You will receive your new url by mail, with the subject url

Which video fits your box? Look under the box on the label
Starting your mac address with 00: 1a: 79: see Mag url
If it starts with AA: 15: 00 you should see the ML url

Status of your TV / Internet

18/4-2021 12pm

Der er i øjeblikket forstyrrelser på NettoIPTV
alle fejl forventes rettet 7pm
Genstart din boks

There are currently interruptions on NettoIPTV
all errors are expected to be corrected 7pm
Restart your box


11 November 4am


NettoIPTV works again and the error found
Restart your TV box
the "error" was not with us, but is due to blocking of IPTV with large internet providers, it does not have to be your provider that blocks, but can be where they buy access to the internet.
However, you must be aware that in order to secure your TV in the future, you must think about buying 1 VPN router if your box does not have a built-in VPN
We are now working on setting up 1 VPN service where everyone can sign up


3/9-2020 4pm

There are currently issues with the internet connections to Orbit
This can mean that your tvbox turns black when the channel changes.
then try restarting your box
the problems are expected to be resolved within 3-6 hours